Top 10 Diet Pills 2014

January 18, 2014 at 4:53 pm in Reviews

Top 10 Diet Pills 2014How can you find the best diet pills? We analyzed 75+ popular weight loss supplement available and pick the Top 10 Diet Pills for 2014. These best weight loss supplement contain only safe, effective and proven ingredients.

Furthermore, we’re so confident you will get results, since all these “top 10 diet pills 2014″ below are 100% natural/herbal diet pills, some products even backed with a “money back guarantee”.

Trying to shed the weight can be very frustrating, specially after working hours in the gym, eat healthy, and still not see the results you want. Even the best diet pills aren’t “magic pills”, but we’ve found the diet pills that really do work. These “top 10 diet pills 2014″ can help boost your metabolism to burn fat, and also can suppress appetite allowing you to consume fewer calories.

So read on and learn more about the top 10 diet pills 2014.

Top 10 Diet Pills 2014:

#1 Phen375 - Appetite Suppressant/Fat Burner Combined

Phen375Designed to deal with two of the most common problems when dieting, Phen375 act as an appetite suppressant plus fat burner combined, not only to ward off food cravings and hunger but boost the metabolism to burn unwanted fat leading to successful weight loss. With ingredients like L-Carnitine and Cayenne Pepper, Phen 375 is a popular diet pills available without necessity for a prescription.

First developed in 2009, as the alternative to the prescription diet pill Phentermine, Phen375 is well-established, with lots of reviews from customers who have lost weight whilst by using this over-the-counter diet pill.

#2 Hiprolean X-S - Powerful Energy Booster and Fat Burner

Hiprolean X-SHiprolean X-S is one of the most potent, powerful fat burner ever. Features 100% natural without side effects it’s fastest acting weight loss capsule. Hiprolean X-S weight loss pills are a perfect all-rounder product to combat all problems associated with weight loss.

This newcomer listed onto “top 10 best diet pills 2014″ as Hiprolean X-S can help to quickly energize to give you the motivation and strength you need to move more (within 30 minutes). It helps to suppress your hunger so if you’re appetite is you downfall then Hiprolean should help you to eat less by making you think less about food by making you feel fuller for longer.

#3 Ketone Balance Duo - Raspberry Ketones + Green Coffee Bean

Ketone Balance DuoRecently, there were two well-known diet pills that took the world by storm, Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee bean. Separately these pills have helped numerous people to shed the pounds; imagine the results if you combined them.

Ketone Balance Duo, revolutionary diet pill combines the well-known super fruit Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee that are recommended by TV doctors Dr Oz and fitness experts Lisa Lynn, into a pill. It also contain Green Tea Extract and Guarana Extract. Ketone Balance Duo has been formulated to combine the effectiveness of both main ingredients, to give you fast and effective results.

#4 Optimus Green Coffee - Weight Loss without Lifestyle Changes

Optimus Green CoffeeGreen Coffee bean extract is the hottest weight loss supplement of the moment. Optimus green coffee uses GCA (green coffee antioxidant) extract to help boost the metabolism for increased fat burning. Optimus Green Coffee bean extract contains 50% chlorogenic acid, the naturally occurring compound that helps to aid weight loss.

Whilst there are a number of green coffee supplements on the market, many of them are poor quality and fall short of the recommended % of chlorogenic acid. With Optimus you can be sure you are getting a 100% safe and natural formula.

#5 Capsiplex - Burn Up to 12 Times More Calories

CapsiplexCapsiplex has made it onto the “top 10 best diet pills 2014″ list because it has been able to harness the clinically proven weight reduction power of the Capsicum. Capsicum, an ingredient that is associated with the stomach related side effects, so despite its proven fat-burning properties is mainly eliminated.

Capsiplex containing pepper, clinically proven burn 12 times more calories, in a placebo controlled study this resulted in people burning up to 278 more calories. Capsiplex is definitely a 100% natural and has no known negative effects, also great value and only requires one capsule a day dosage so its also convenient.

#6 Proactol - Top Rated & Clinically Tested Fat Binder

ProactolProactol revolutionize how we lose weight, it is a ground-breaking development in weight loss treatment, and is exactly what over weight people have been waiting for. Certified as a medical device for weight management and clinically proven to reduce fat intake by nearly 30%, very few weight loss products available without prescription are as effective as Proactol.

Proactol is the top rated fat binder available, It is excellent as a supplement to any diet plan as well as having great properties for use post diet to help maintain current weight. It works by reducing the amount of fat that is digested into your system, and is clinically proven to do so.

#7 UniqueHoodia - The Purest, Strongest and Most Effective Hoodia


The ultimate appetite suppressant! It is contain 1485mg of the purest, South African Hoodia Gordonii along with 5mg of Bioperine that will increase absorption by an amazing 30%. The UniqueHoodia is the purest, strongest and most effective Hoodia product on the market.

Hoodia has been utilized for appetite suppressant for 1000′s of years. Its a product that works and that is why it is so popular. UniqueHoodia has made it into our “top 10 best diet pills 2014″ as it’s the best brand of Hoodia when it comes to producing a product that is proven to work. UniqueHoodia is not the cheapest Hoodia, but it is the best. 

#8 5:2 Fast Formula - Specifically Designed for 5:2 Fast Dieters

5:2 Fast FormulaThe first supplement specifically designed for the fast diet or intermittent fasting dieters. The 5:2 Fast Formula takes the hunger part out of fasting with its revolutionary design aimed at people who are doing the 5:2 diet making fasting easier than it’s ever been before. It suppresses appetite, increases energy levels and replaces nutrients and minerals lost when fasting in the body.

The 5:2 Fast Formula is a powerhouse of natural ingredients designed to make you feel full and to replenish lost nutrients and minerals lost by fasting. Purchase 5:2 Fast Formula product with confidence, knowing that it’s backed with a no risk, no hassle 60-day money back guarantee.

#9 Yacon Root Pure - “Metabolism Game Changer”

Yacon Root PureDr Oz called Yacon the “Metabolism Game Changer!”, It can suppress the appetite to make you feel fuller for longer and helps to boost the metabolism. Yacon Root Pure is a powerful, natural supplement. It is intended for healthy weight loss, digestion, blood sugar levels, and prevents constipation. A natural fibre with some great health and weight loss benefits.

Yacon Root Pure is an idel alternative to Yacon Syrup. The active ingredients in Yacon are Fructooligosaccharides, which fuel the friendly bacteria in the digestive system and therefore lead to various beneficial effects on metabolism, aiding weight loss.

#10 Meratol - Enhance Diet and Exercise

MeratolLast but not least! Meratol is a food supplement designed to be taken as part of a healthy diet and exercise regime. It’s not designed to replace a good diet and exercise, it’s designed to help and enhance it. Life shouldn’t be about how big you are, it should be about how energetic and confident you feel! But as Meratol is a food supplement you take with a normal balanced diet, it can help with both.

Meratol contains all natural ingredients capsicum (chilli), prickly pear, brown algae and caffeine, it can help increase attention and alertness. It can also support athletic performance, increase exercise endurance and speed up metabolism.

There is no absolute best, rank #1 or magic diet pills. We sort these “top 10 diet pills 2014” according to the satisfaction, reviews, and online testimonies of real people/customers.

The idea of using a diet pills/supplement to accelerate the weight loss process is one that needs to be examined on many fronts and not only just one point of view, since the effects and implications of each weight loss supplement can certainly be quite different.

I’m not a nutrition expert, nor a health practitioner professional. Always consult your doctor before taking any food supplements.