5 Advantages of Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes have been a dieting option for many years, and more and more of us are now using them. But what are the advantages of meal replacement shakes? Can they really help you stick to a diet and lose weight?

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why these shakes could be a great option for your weight loss. 

1. Convenience

One of the most useful things about meal replacement shakes is that they are just so convenient and easy.

Fitting your diet into and around your lifestyle can be one of the biggest challenges of sticking to your diet. It can start off fun, but after a week or two you’re tired of how trying to lose weight seems to be consuming your whole life!

Firstly there is the planning – thinking up exactly what you’re going to eat and when. Then there’s finding recipes and making a shopping list of all the healthy ingredients you need to buy. Next the regular trips to the shop to purchase all these ingredients (not forgetting the cost!), and another trip to pick up the bits you forgot.

Finally you spend hours in the kitchen preparing fruit and vegetables, cooking healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All this effort and it only takes you 5 minutes to eat it!

Weight loss shakes can make all this so much easier – you just replace 2 of your daily meals with one of the shakes. All you do is add a scoop of powder to a glass of milk and mix it. Then it’s ready to drink. Simple! And you can take back all that planning, shopping and preparation time to do things you enjoy.

2. Measured Calories

Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss ProductsAnother big challenge with dieting is keeping track of how many calories we eat. We all understand that to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume from food and drink. But keeping track of everything you eat and knowing how many calories it contains can be difficult, tiresome and time consuming.

This is another benefit of meal replacement shakes – you know exactly how many calories you’re consuming. You’re told on the package how much powder to use and how much milk, and how many calories that will contain. No calories counting needed!

EvoShake from Evolution Slimming contains just 222 calories per serving. So have a shake for your breakfast and a shake for your lunch, and that’s just over a 3rd of your daily recommended calories for dieting. You can have 2 small healthy snacks (a piece of fruit or veg and houmous) and a proper dinner (lean meat or fish and vegetables is perfect).

3. A delicious, sweet, creamy treat

When you’re dieting do you often find yourself getting fed up of salads and diet food and craving something sweet? Would you do anything for some chocolate? Or icecream? And all those other things you know you shouldn’t have?

Weight loss shakes can be that treat! And you get to enjoy them twice a day. Having a meal replacement shake is like having a thick milkshake, delicious and creamy to help satisfy those cravings you have. And they come in a choice of flavours to keep things interesting.

The EvoShake has been trialled and taste tested to be the most delicious meal replacement shake you’ve tried. And it comes in 3 flavours; Chocolate Delight, Delicious Vanilla and Strawberry Sensation.

4. No starving!

Meal replacement shakes are low calorie, but importantly are designed to keep you feeling full.

A key ingredient of weight loss shakes is whey protein, and add to that the fact you’re mixing it with milk, that’s a good serving of protein.

Protein is well known for keeping you feeling full longer, because it takes longer to digest than carbs. And because of this you also don’t get that after-dinner sugar rush and slump.

Plus because the shakes are calorie controlled, you can fit in a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon and not feel guilty!

5. Provide you with Nutrients

A final advantage of a good meal replacement shake is that it can help provide you with the nutrients you need. And you can keep track of this much easier than trying to figure out what nutrients are in your meals. Just check out the rear of the package to see exactly what vitamins and minerals you’re getting.

The EvoShake has added nutrients to help make sure that you stay healthy while you’re dieting. All flavours have added A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D3 AND E vitamins. In fact just from your 2 meal replacement shakes you’re getting at least 72% of your daily recommended amount of these vitamins (and some of them 100%). That’s got to be good news!

And there is one final benefit of meal replacement shakes…. they do help you lose weight!

Experts for the European Commission have looked into meal replacement shakes, and are happy that replacing 2 meals per day with a shake as part of a calorie controlled diet does help achieve weight loss.

So for an easy, tasty, nutritious way to lose weight choose EvoShake meal replacement shakes from Evolution Slimming.

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