6 Common Weight Loss Problems

There are at least 6 common problems that all dieters will face when trying to lose weight. As you read this, no doubt you’ll recognize many of them as problems you’ve experienced before:

Six Most Common Weight Loss Problems

1. Feeling Hungry

Fighting the food cravings can be the most challenging obstacle of dieting.

The mistake many dieters make is that in an effort to reduce their daily calorie intake, they skip meals. It is particularly important not to skip breakfast when trying to lose weight as eating breakfast helps to kick-start the metabolism. By depriving yourself of the main meals it will leave you feeling hungry, therefore when you do eat, you will have larger portions and this means consuming even more calories than you would had you not skipped that meal.

2. Craving Certain Foods

We typically crave sweet foods out of boredom, stress and hunger. If you have a sweet tooth and crave all the things you shouldn’t eat, i.e. chocolate, crisps and sweets on a daily basis it can be a hard pattern to break.

The amount of calories found in these kinds of foods would require many hours of daily exercise to counteract so it is extremely unrealistic to assume you can consume a large amount of calories every day and successfully burn them all off.

3. Eating Out With Friends And Family

When we eat out in restaurants with our friends and family it is a very social occasion and a time to indulge ourselves, we rarely want to go for the healthiest option on the menu. You may eat out quite frequently if you are always on the go or if you just don’t enjoy cooking which makes sticking to a diet a lot more difficult.

4. Lack Of Energy

When we diet we often experience a period of lethargy, particularly during the afternoon where perhaps we haven’t eaten much during the morning, this can make us feel drained and tired and then we are much more likely to reach for the biscuit tin for an energy boost instead of opting for a healthier snack.

5. Hard To Fit In Exercise

Work hours are getting longer and if you have a family and other responsibilities, this leaves you with very little time to fit exercise into your weight loss regime. Especially if you have a very stressful job and work long hours, the last thing many of us would want to do after a hard day is head to the gym.

6. Diet Plateaus

A diet plateau is when after following a low or reduced calorie diet for a few weeks you suddenly find that you stop losing weight and no matter what you do your weight stays the same. Diet plateaus can occur because you’ve reduced your calorie intake too much and the body literally thinks it is ‘starving’ so slows down the metabolism to conserve the fat or you are eating as many calories as you are burning off so you aren’t losing any more weight.

What can You Do about these Weight Loss Problems?

adipheneThere is a solution to these common diet problems and that is Adiphene.

Adiphene is a natural dietary supplement that includes potent ingredients such as Chitosan extract, Glucomannan and Chromium picolinate that encompasses the power of a fat burner with a fat binder, with added appetite suppression qualities.

This means that not only is the temptation to snack significantly reduced, it also burns unwanted fat and helps to bind the dietary fat already consumed so it can be safely passed through the body.

Adiphene makes an excellent and safe solution to all common weight loss difficulties. Just two capsules a day can:

  • help you keep food cravings under control
  • help you reduce your calorie intake without constantly feeling hungry
  • provide you with extra energy
  • helping you rid excess fat from the body

And all this without the need to starve yourself or undertake a grueling workout program!

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