Anti Inflammation Diet

anti inflammation diet

Anti inflammation diet is not actually a diet. It is an eating program to maintain the health by programming which foods should be consumed and which should not. Anti inflammation diet is popular among the people suffering heart disease and also in physicians.

This kind of diet can be found on any suggestions to prevent heart attack and control the cholesterol. People should notice that Anti inflammation diet may not be suitable for people who intend to lose weight in a quick way. This diet is actually not design to weight loss. Yet the side effects of this diet usually are losing weight. 

The Functions Anti inflammation diet

Anti inflammation diet is really beneficial for people who have such high lifestyle that could be easily attacked b serious illness. The functions of this diets are; first, it could decrease the heart disease risk. Second, the cardiac problems people usually have can be controlled. Anti inflammation diet, third, it is to decrease the blood triglycerides. Fourth, this diet can be helpful to decrease blood pressure. Fifth, it is also be able to soothe tender. And last, Anti inflammation diet can stiff arthritic joints.

How Anti inflammation diet

This is the way to do Anti inflammation diet; people should eat 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of protein, and 30% of healthy fats. They should rotate the schedule of this diet so that 1 food will not be eaten more than 5 times a week. People in Anti inflammation diet should eat more fruits and vegetables, because the fruits and vegetables are the good sources of nutrients which be helpful to maintain health.

People should not eat pesticides. The good part of this diet is, there is no amount of food that should be eaten. It means that people can eat their food without any limitation.

For food, people in Anti inflammation diet should eat the steamed vegetables. It is because steaming improves the functions of foods’ nutrients allowing the body to repair itself. Fruits are also important because most fruits has low carbohydrates.

The good examples of fruits that are good for Anti inflammation diet are melon, apricot, papaya, kiwi, plum and the berries. Grains are also suggested for people in this diet. The grains should be cooked well, the prohibited ones are amaranth, barley, oatmeal, buckwheat, millet, brown rice, quinoa, etc. last, the legumes that should be cooked slowly. Those are the ways to do the right anti inflammation diet.

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