Before and After Weight Loss Pictures – How Reliable Are They?

Showing before and after photos is a well known strategy for beauty products and health promoting companies. In fact, we all know that every time you are searching the web, ads showing before and after weight loss pictures are popping up, convincing you that you are missing out on all kinds of miracles that can take all of your problems away.

These before and after weight loss pictures, when you first look at them, look quite convincing, as they show how people looked before and after taking the particular product. But, as we know, you need to be really careful when choosing what to believe in on the internet.

Why the Pictures ought to be doubted?

First, it has to be mentioned that you really have no clue when the pictures were taken. Maybe the ‘’after’’ picture represents the person when he/she got out of shape, but on the internet it’s called the ‘’before’’ picture.

Also, you may have noticed how people in the ‘’before’’ pictures are mostly depicted as ugly, so the next time you are looking at before and after pictures, remember to pay attention to the, for example, background lightning or the person’s pose.

You will see how in the ‘’before’’ picture person is standing in the worst possible angle, with depressed facial expression and in bad lightning. On the other hand, the ‘’after’’ pictures always show happy, smiling people, standing in warm light in confident pose, that is, the effects of a certain products are exaggerated.

You should also pay attention to text which can often be found under the pictures, for example “*dramatization”. This means that not only pictures are exaggerating, but the people in the pictures haven’t even tried the particular product.

When Can You Trust the before and after pictures?

All of the mentioned above doesn’t mean before and after pictures can’t ever be trusted. How to tell difference? First sign of honesty is if both of the pictures present the same person, shot under the same shooting conditions.

Also, very often the depicted people leave something as a proof of legitimacy – a testimony, or a signature.

Finally, the most trustable source is, naturally, a video diary. You can see people appearing in many videos, using various products and showing their progress to you, which leaves you with little doubt.

Some of  reliable before and after weight loss from Phen375:

Before and After Weight Loss

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