Benefits & Downfalls of Medical Weight Loss

It is important to understand the benefits and downsides or pros and cons of turning to the medical industry for help when you are looking to lose weight.

In reality, the concept behind losing weight is fairly simple. The only thing that you need to focus on is burning off more calories than you eat. Sounds simple enough, but for most of us, this means a constant diet and exercise track that seems to go nowhere.

We diet and we exercise for months at a time and what do we get in return for our hard work? Frustration, anger at ourselves and bitter disappointment.

Yes, losing weight may be a simple concept, but it is by no means simple to do. Since we are all made differently, there are even some people who require even more dedication and hard work than others.

This is where medical weight loss aid comes in.

Drugs and Surgery

frustation-dietUsually, there are two major items that are used by the medical industry when they are looking to help someone lose weight; drugs and surgery. First, we will look more at the popular drugs that are used.

One of the most popular was originally called Xenical and was developed in 1999 to help fight obesity. It is still available today, but the dosage is lower and the name has been changed to Alli.

The way this drug works is fairly simple; it prevents fat from being absorbed through the intestines. Normally, our bodies will absorb fat through the food that we eat, but this drug will help avoid some of this absorption.

One of the downsides to this is that people tend to think that diet pills will magically make the weight fall off. Unfortunately, nothing can do that and losing weight is a process. Just as you did not gain the weight overnight, you cannot lose it in the same manner.

Alli does help speed up the process because you will be able to see more pounds lost when you do lose weight. However, proper diet and exercise is still necessary so it is important that you stick with the entire program if you truly want to lose weight.

There are some side effects to mention: bowel movements that are hard to control and oily spotting.

Meridia is also a popular choice when it comes to prescriptions that can help you to lose weight. Along with suppressing the appetite, it can help to decrease the weight of your body by between 5% and 10%.

This drug is similar to Hydroxycut and both of these options have side effects, like insomnia, headaches and rapid heartbeats.

If you aren’t willing to put up with the side effects or are looking for a way to avoid medical prescriptions, there are some more natural supplements that can help out as well.

These supplements have shown great success and are usually made from ingredients like acai berries, raspberry ketone or green coffee bean extract.

Another way that modern medicine can help you to lose weight is through surgery. These have become very popular of those who are looking to lose a great deal of weight. There are a number of bariatric or metabolic surgeries that can be conducted, such as gastric bypass and laparoscopic gastric banding.

Thousands of people have chosen these surgeries over the years and have been able to lose the weight necessary to fight of health problems, like lipid disorders, diabetes and sleep apnea.

While these surgeries are very successful and many have seen great success with them, the weight can be gained back and surgery does not cure the problem.

Proper diet and exercise is also required and the people who do not adapt to this new lifestyle have seen the weight come back. Some have even begun substituting the addiction that they have for food for other items like alcohol.

There are also certain restrictions when it comes to qualifying for a surgery.

For example, you must first be over a body mass index of 35. If you are under this number, surgery is probably not an option for you and you will be better off sticking with supplements, fat blockers, thyroid boosters and carb blockers instead.

Regardless of the method that you choose to lose weight, a long lasting commitment to change is important when you are looking to keep the weight that you lose off for good.

Non Medical Options

There are many different options that you have to lose weight without medical intervention. Each option depends on your own specific circumstances and body structure and you should consider them before turning to a medical option instead.

For many, simply dieting and exercising has shown to be extremely helpful, but for others something else is needed to keep fat from being absorbed.

Whether you find that you need a surgery to reduce your stomach size so you are not allowed to eat as much or if you feel as though you will benefit more from a natural approach, there is no simple answer when it comes to the best way to lose weight. The most important thing is to consider what your body needs the most.

Even though weight loss can be hard, the right tools can make the process easier. Make sure that you talk to your doctor and conduct the research necessary in order to make the best decision and to finally lose the weight that you have been looking to lose.

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