The Best HCG Drops Alternatives

HCG drops are an easy way to take HCG. Since their introduction, HCG drops have become one of the most popular way to attain the benefits of HCG.

If you’re looking for the best HCG drops alternatives that don’t contain hormones or ‘homeopathic’ versions as the hormone source, read the review of the best HCG drops alternatives;  Liquid Diet Drops and hCG Activator below.

Best HCG Drops Alternatives:

#1 LDD (Liquid Diet Drops)

Best HCG Drops Alternative: Liquid Diet DropsLDD (Liquid Diet Drops) from Evolution Slimming are a safe, hormone-free alternative to the hCG drops. It is advisable to avoid hCG drops containing hormones or ‘homeopathic’ versions as the hormone source may be unknown. This best HCG drops alternative comes with  LDD Diet Plan book that provides the guidance to ensure you achieve the amazing benefits of this best HCG drops alternative.

LDD are a sophisticated formula of healthy amino acids which assist reset the hypothalamus by sending signals to begin breaking down high unwanted fat. This will cause the body to use the fat as a primary fuel source. The signals are sent when your body is experiencing a reduced and low-calorie diet.

Liquid Diet Drops Benefits:

  • Weight loss of up to 1lb per day in some stages
  • Won’t feel hungry and no lack energy whilst as LLD   helps to suppress the appetite and provide energy
  • Use the stored fats as an energy source whilst helping you lose weight fast

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#2  hCG  Activator

Best HCG Drops Alternative: hCG ActivatorToday, you can savor the powerful effects of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) without the painful costly injections. HCG Activator is definitely a natural option to HCG administration. hCG Activator doesn’t claim to be a “magic pill” instead implements a scientific dietary formula and clinically researched protocol that is definitely based on Dr. Simeon’s diet guidance, which proven to reduce overweight, excess fat, and many more particularly bodyfat.

Here is what you can expect from this best HCG drops alternative:

  • Rapidly: 100% reduction in the desire to snack plus 50% fewer instances of snacking between meals.
  • After 1 Week: Eliminate up to 7 pounds of toxic fat & lose up to 1-2 pounds a day thereafter.
  • After 4 Weeks: Lose up to 30 pounds of body weight and additionally feel better about yourself!

Learn more about hCG Activator >>

Both  of  these best HCG drops alternatives are all-natural alternative to HCG administration, however it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

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