Caveman Diet, the Nutritional Diet Plan

When someone at some place or media mention about the Caveman Diet then you should know that he, she or them are referring to the paleolithic diet or paleo diet.

Caveman Diet

The Caveman Diet actually begin to formed since the human race that millions of years ago is actually stronger, faster and more slim than us in the recent life. They actually had straight teeth with the perfect eyesight.

Don’t you ever thought of they having the chronic diseases such as depression, schizophrenia, stroke, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and so on. Even though it might existed in the past, but you’ll actually will found them very rare. These cavemen are the people from the last 84 tribes of the hunter gatherers.

More than 2 million years ago, they truly had shared their secret about the diet which switched human’s body and making it evolving till nowadays. But if you really want to know, they diet is actually wholly different from the modern diet of the nowadays civilization.

The Foods which Included in The Caveman Diet

There are certain foods which can be eaten from the Caveman Diet Food List they are the fish, meats and organ meats, berries, nuts, vegetables specifically the root crops but not included the sweet potatoes and potatoes, fruits are okay, eggs and chicken. Also there are particular food which can’t be eaten in the range of the Caveman Diet. The list including sugar and salt, dairy products, potatoes, beans just like the peas, peanuts, lentils kidney beans, and string beans, noodles, bread and grains such as pasta.

These Caveman Diet derived from the Paleolithic Diet which is also popular as the Stone Age Diet, Hunter gatherer diet, Caveman Diet or Paleo Diet. It’s actually the nutritional diet plan which has the platform of the Paleolithic period for about 2.5 million years ago wherein the human species that eating the ancient animals and wild plants.

The phrase of the “Paleolithic Diet” may mention about the ancestral human diet. But before very recent, the modern paleolithic diet is mainly focused on nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish but without taking the roots such as grains and legumes, no dairy products and without any processed oils, salt and refined sugar.

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