Christmas Diet Challenges

christmas diet

Christmas is that one time of year that we have an excuse to eat and drink to excess but we soon pay the price of our overindulgence once the New Year arrives. It is said that the average person consumes around 6000 calories on Christmas Day itself and most people gain around 5 lb in weight over the holiday season.

Here are some simple ways to still enjoy the festive period without worrying about piling on the pounds later;


Everyone enjoys a tipple at Christmas time but a large glass of wine equates to around 180 calories and beer contains almost 200 calories! So it’s easy to see why people typically gain weight over Christmas.

If you don’t plan on having a teetotal Christmas consider swopping your bottle of wine for a small wine spritzer. A small wine spritzer mixed with soda water only contains 90 calories. Lower calorie beers and spirit and diet mixers provide around 60 calories.

Eating Out

Whether it’s for the Christmas work party or just a family affair, Christmas is one time of year where we probably eat out in restaurants a lot more than we usually would. This temptation leads us to choosing unhealthier options. Go for a smaller plate version, this means you still get to enjoy the food but with a lesser portion this means you consume fewer calories.

Swop your glass of wine for a glass of water once dinner arrives, this will help to fill you up so that you eat less and you may even want to skip dessert!


Our cupboards are usually full of sweets and treats at Christmas time which is bad news for our waistline. Consider choosing to leave out snacks such as unsalted nuts, plain popcorn and dried fruit in easy reach and keeping the more high-calorie snacks in the cupboard until Christmas day. Sugar-free sweets and organic dark chocolate is a healthier way of getting your sugar fix without bumping up your daily calorie intake.

Christmas Dinner

Few of us want to skimp on Christmas dinner, this is one meal we say you should go ahead and indulge yourselves in but there are a few ways to make your Christmas dinner healthier; If you’re having turkey, don’t add any butter or oil and try to avoid eating the turkey skin, this contains the most fat.

If you plan on making gravy from the leftover juices, pour into a jug and skim off the fat beforehand, this will help to reduce the overall fat content in the gravy. If you want to be really healthy, swop or cut down on the amount of roast potatoes for root vegetables such as parsnips, celeriac and beetroot.

After Dinner

Don’t allow yourself to fall asleep in front of the telly after dinner, why not go for a leisurely stroll for family to burn off some of those excess calories. Not only will it leave you feeling revived, the fresh air and exercise will ensure you get a good night’s sleep when the Christmas celebrations are over.

Consider Using An Appetite Suppressant

adiphene - Christmas DietAn appetite suppressant such as Adiphene can really help prevent that unwanted post-Christmas weight.

Adiphene is a unique all in one formulation that contains 3 fat metabolizers, 5 stimulants, 2 thermogenic boosters, and appetite suppressant and a fat binder.

Let’s look back at how it will help you with your Christmas diet challenges!

The appetite suppressant is going to help you eat smaller portions of your favourite Christmas foods and reduce snacking.

Then there’s the fat binder which will help reduce the amount of fat absorbed and stored on your body from all those roast potatoes, sausages and Christmas puddings.

And the other ingredients will help boost your metabolism end encourage your body to burn off calories and fat as well as giving you extra energy to get off your sofa and get out for that post dinner walk.

Just 2 tablets a day, 20 minutes before a meal can help your tackle all main problems of dieting.

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