Diet Meal Plans for a Week

diet meal plans for a week

What will you have if you going to have Diet Meal Plans For a Week? To be truth, you don’t need to worry about the menu, this article will surely give you the way to lose up to 15 pounds and it’s as simple as practicing the flat belly diet menu.

The principle of having Diet Meal Plans For a Week is pretty simple, you have only 400 calorie meals which contains of one snack that you can take in the morning and afternoon, you may eat every 4 hours and have the MUFA rich food or you may say boldfaced at each of the meal. These menu down below will help you lose up to 15 pounds this month. If you feel like going to join the club of this diet, you can always register online. As simple as that.

The Menu for the Diet Meal Plans For a Week

Keep reading then we’ll tell you the whole menu set for a week, start from Monday through Sunday. On Monday, we have the set of banana split oatmeal for breakfast, Mediterranean sandwich for the lunch, and ricotta cal zone for the dinner.

Meanwhile for snack we have the set of 2 tbs of sunflower seeds, 1 baby carrot, 1 pineapple fruit cup in juice and 1 stick of low fat string cheese, the total calorie for the snack is 340, which is average also for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For Tuesday, have vanilla nut and fruit parfait for breakfast, chicken lettuce wraps, and California burger without meat that using only grain bread. And for the snack you may have crackers.

The menu for Wednesday are the Chicken Caprice, salmon sandwich, and strawberry nut oatmeal with the snack of hummus dip. If you love apples then you’re going to love the Thursday menu start with apple pie smoothie for breakfast, chilled chicken pasta and Mexicali salad with the snack of vanilla yoghurt.

Pepperoni pizza for Friday made of multigrain pasta and veggie pepperoni, crunchy tuna meat, cashew crunch and turkey roll for snack. Saturday comes with choco strawberry smoothie, salmon steak amandine, veggie burger pita, toast and cheese. Sunday with breakfast pita, picnic spread, cheesy spinach ziti and oatmeal for snack.

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