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dukan diet

Have you ever heard the term of Dukan Diet? Well, lucky you to found this writing if you actually never heard it before. This article will show you what lies behind the Dukan Diet.

It’s actually the diet which has pretty low in calories, saturates and fat. The great healthy eating guidelines stated that the good ratio need to be taken is less than one third of calories which will come from fat, along with not more than the tenth comes from saturates.

At these days of the attack phase is 26 percent of calories came from fat and the 8.5 % come from saturates. It’s actually high in protein though. Many women required about 45 gram of protein and men about 55 grams of protein in each day.

The menu has finally contains of about three times of these amounts. Low on fiber and carbs are the qualifications of it. For the sake of great health, about half of the whole calories definitely should come from carbs and you should actually have 18 grams of fiber in each of the day.

It’s only 15 % of calories surely came from the carbs with this list and the fiber intakes are definitely low.

What You can Eat in the Dukan Diet Food List

While in the ‘attack phase’ of the Dukan Diet Food List, you may eat protein rich kind of foods which are also truly low in fat. The Dukan Diet

Food List is including cottage cheese, quark, fat free fromage fries, flavored yogurt but not fruit yogurt which is actually contains of fruit puree and the fruit itself, fat free natural yogurt is great, eggs, seafood, all kind of fish is allowed.

As the additions of the fish, you can give extra of oil rich fish because they contain of heart healthy omega 3 fats.

The next on the lists are lean ham, turkey, chicken, offal, rabbit, veal and lean beef. The last is the skimmed milk which these are actually taken from the 72 foods in the list.

While in processing, these foods better be cooked without any of the addition fat, so roasting or grilling is actually the best way.

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