Eat Smart When You Eat Out

When you go out to restaurants, chances are that its menu is loaded with several diet busting options. You may find just one or two healthier options, while rest of the menu offers things that are high in calories and fat.

Most people eat out some time and some people eat out all the time. Even eating out two or three times a week can derail your plan.

The good news is that with a little knowledge, you can put together a healthier meal at almost any restaurant.

The Delicatessen

A deli offers more control over what you eat. Most of the time, you are able to build your own sandwich. Choose whole grain breads such as whole wheat, rye or pumpernickel. Meats at the deli can be high in salt.

Choose low fat turkey or low fat ham over pepperoni, salami and genoa. Go easy on the cheeses. Have lots of veggies such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and spinach or lettuce.

Chinese Places

Chinese restaurants offer lots of food high in sugary sauces. Stay away from deep fried foods such as egg rolls, fried shrimp, chicken wings, chicken fingers and crab rangoon. Also avoid foods that are dripping in sauces such as sweet and sour chicken or pork.

Choose foods with less meat and less sauce like brown rice and vegetables. Boiled, steamed or lightly stir fried seafood, chicken, vegetable or bean curd dishes are better options.

Italian Restaurants

Choose pasta with marinara sauce instead of the creamy white or butter sauces such as Alfredo. Choose dishes like chicken cacciatore or piccata, grilled meat or fish, grilled eggplant pomodoro or polenta and mushrooms.

Avoid pastas stuffed with cheese or meat and topped with cheese. Bear in mind that “parmigiana” style translates to higher fat. If you like pizza, watch your portions and choose thin crust whenever possible.

Mexican Places

Choose salsa as dips instead of a sour cream or cheese dips. Dishes like gazpacho soup, black bean soup or jicama with salsa are good choices. Choose dishes made with plain, soft tortillas and pick baked entrees. Corn tortillas and Mexican rice are also good choices.

The Pub

Pub fare is usually the hamburgers, onion rings and French fries. You can still find something healthy at the pubs. Choose barbecued or grilled chicken, pot roast, meat loaf with tomato sauce, filet mignon, sirloin steak or turkey pita sandwich. Pubs are also generous with their portions, so go easy even when you order lean.

Whatever type of restaurant you choose, remember that dining out is supposed to be a pleasant experience. Almost all restaurants can make slight changes to the preparation method to accommodate you.

Watch your portions even when you order healthy as it can add the calories also. Bring home leftovers or share with a friend or family. You should not feel pressured to eat the entire meal.

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