Exercises to Shed Belly Fat

Shed Belly Fat

Although we all cringe at the sight of our own fat, some types of fat are more serious than others. The most concerning is belly fat, as it is quite dangerous. Studies have shown that belly fat increases your risk of many health risks, although no one is sure why.

If you have started to amplify around your waistline, you are probably concerned about it. If you want to know how to shed belly fat, so you can protect your heart, read on.


Exercise that is cardiovascular is good for shedding pounds. You cannot spot reduce. You will lose weight from all over the body. However, everyone’s body accumulates fat in specific areas. This is out of our control, determined by genetic predisposition.

If you are predisposed to storing fat at your waistline, then you want to drop your body fat percentage. Doing so will increase your health and get you a step further toward that flat stomach you want.

Whatever cardio routine you enjoy is the one you will stick with. The one you will stick with is the one that will work. There are no specific activities to blast belly fat. Whatever you like doing to work up a sweat, do so five hours weekly or more.

So if gardening gets you sweaty and tired and you like it, then do it. If taking your dog out for a run or playing catch is your bag, then choose that. Maybe you prefer hiking in the mountains or woods; then that is your choice. Some people like to do social exercise in the form of classes.


Core Strength

Although many people think so, crunches and sit-ups by the thousands won’t get you the flat stomach you crave. Yes, they will add definition under the fat, but you cannot spot reduce.

If you want to challenge yourself, add vertical leg crunches. Lie on your back, legs at a 45 degree angle from the floor. Crunch up.

You can also do leg lifts and crunches with an exercise ball to increase your core strength. These also help you work on balance.

Whenever you work your abs, also work your back muscles.


Core strength is improved through yoga, but so is your peace of mind. Your stress levels drop and your body’s production of stress hormones decrease. Your core muscles are worked, so this is a good blast for belly fat.

Stress hormones are a problem in terms of fat and weight gain. Our bodies release cortisol and other stress hormones when it perceives that we are under attack. So emotional stress, injury, and even illness can bring this on. These hormones tell your body that you will need fat for later. So, your body starts storing it up. And where is the main place it stores it? Around the belly.

When you do yoga, you work those core muscles through breathing and stretching. The motions are flowing and relaxed, and your mind is calmed. Your heart rate drops and your blood pressure follows suit.

There are also many poses in yoga that are target the belly muscles. Seated and standing poses often ask for balance, which requires core muscles, and extending the legs. There are also supine postures that can work your core.

If you incorporate this trifecta into your workout, you will see results. The combination of core strengthening, yoga, and cardio will whittle your weight down, including your waistline. You will also feel better and more relaxed.

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