Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight LossGreen coffee bean extract for weight loss is getting famous. According to several studies, green coffee bean extract slows the absorption of sugar from food into the blood, so that excess does not turn into a stored fat. Chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract will help speed up the weight loss process.

Did you notice that almost everyone you know is on a diet? Weight loss industry is a huge, very successful business and every single day there is a new miracle diet advertised in the media, or a new miracle weight loss pill. With all this, the epidemic of obesity in the USA is still raging.

More than 75 percents of Americans are obese or overweight. Even children are overweight. Obesity hugely increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and a range of other diseases.

So, is there a really successful weight loss diet? Do any of the weight loss supplements work? Sure. Just stay away from those which are advertised as ‘eat all you want, pop up a pill and watch your fat melt.’

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss: No Miracle Pills

There is a number of weight loss supplement that help people in their efforts to lose weight. One of them is green coffee extract. According to several studies, it slows the absorption of sugar from food into the blood, so that excess does not turn into a stored fat. Caffeine in coffee also helps with weight loss, since it stimulates your metabolism. But, you have to do your part.

Unsuccessful diets have all one thing in common: people are unwilling to make some basic, simple, common sense changes in their lifestyle.

Here are just a few things that we do wrong and refuse to give up:

  • We eat too much food;
  • There is serious lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet;
  • Most meals consist of fast or prepackaged foods with a range of additives with no nutritional value;
  • We eat too much ‘bad’ fat;
  • Our meals consists of too many carbohydrates;
  • We drink large quantities of sodas with sugar or artificial sweeteners (it is difficult to say which is worse);
  • We eat too many snacks;
  • We do very little or no physical exercise.

Our fast and busy life leaves very little time for preparing fresh meals. Unfortunately, only if you prepare your meals yourself you know exactly what you are eating. You need to learn to read  the labels otherwise.

Our portions are big enough for manual workers and professional athletes, people who spend huge amount of energy daily. Most of us need much less.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for your health. They also make you full with much less food and keep your intestines in good order. If you cannot eat them fresh, drink them in a smoothie. Smoothies are one fad that is actually good for you.

Exercise Does Not Have to Mean Going to the Gym

If you look at the old photos, you will notice that nobody was fat. One big reason was that people were doing things themselves instead of hiring someone to do them. Forget going to the gym if you feel intimidated by all those hard bodies. Instead, try some simple and free exercises:

  • Walk your dog instead of paying a dog walker;
  • Walk or bike to work if you can;
  • Use stairs instead of elevator;
  • Play ball with your kids;
  • Remember Karate Kid: wash your car, paint your fence, cut your grass;
  • Go hiking on weekends;
  • Go dancing with your wife or husband;
  • Go play ball instead of watching it on TV.

It is much easier making these changes with a friend or a family member. If you find it hard to plan healthy, low calorie and low carbs meals, join one of the plans like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

The Role of Weight Loss Supplements

Making changes in your lifestyle will show results, but not immediately. You will make big changes in your body chemistry and they take time. Talk to your doctor about weight loss supplements which can help you speed up the process. Use only supplements which do not promise miracles. Only you can produce a miracle, with some common sense and a lot of patience.

Green coffee bean extract for weight loss is now very popular due to the fact that chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract will help speed up the process to some extent. It will prevent some of the sugars from your meals to turn into fat. It has no known side effects, and it will not make you jittery like supplements with too much caffeine. Make sure that your doctor knows that you are planning to start taking green coffee beans extract in case you are taking some medications that would counterindicate chlorogenic acid.


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