Green Coffee Is Getting Famous

When you read about green coffee, it is green coffee bean extract that people are talking about. Your regular coffee machine processes ground, brown, roasted beans in order to produce your favorite coffee.

Green CoffeeGreen coffee beans are the way coffee beans look when they are not roasted. When these beans are soaked in distilled water, the green coffee bean extract can be produced, that is rich in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is a powerful weight loss aid, as it inhibits the absorption of glucose in the blood stream, preventing the body from turning excess sugar into fat.

Additionally, it leads the body to use fat as an energy source, instead of carbohydrates, that is our body’s default function. This way we burn more fat faster.

As green coffee bean extract is low on caffeine, it allows you to get many of coffee’s antioxidants without the agitation, digestive issues, jitters and sleep issues that coffee consumption causes to many people.

It has also been found in scientific studies to dilate the veins, lowering blood pressure. And since it does not allow for glucose to enter your blood stream that easily, it can also be used to help people with type 2 diabetes control their sugar spikes.

Featured on the media

The benefits of green coffee bean extracts have been featured many times on the Dr. Oz show, where studies about its benefits were also presented by different specialists. After Dr. Oz first called green coffee bean extract a miracle, the sales of green coffee supplements skyrocketed.

Dr. Oz has been accused of being paid to talk about green coffee benefits and in order to prove that this was not true, he conducted his own research with the help of doctors and two control groups of women. His independent researched proved that green coffee bean extracts greatly help weight loss.

Many newspapers and their online versions have also published articles talking about the hope that green coffee beans bring for people who are overweight. The Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post and Daily Mail are just a small part of the press that felt green coffee beans were worth a mention.

Do famous people use green coffee bean extract?

As top class dieticians have to keep the confidentiality of their clients, it is quite hard to know for sure who has been using green coffee bean extracts.

Having to lose weight in Hollywood is considered a major sin so not everyone is willing to talk openly about that. However, inside sources have repeatedly claimed that Demi Moore, Jenifer Lopez and Katy Perry are among some of the stars who trust the green bean for its magical powers.

The Daily Mail has even published an article, according to which a very famous Hollywood nutritionist said that green coffee bean extract sales skyrocket around Oscar time, when all the stars have one goal: look better than the rest.

Are there any new studies on the green coffee benefits published?

There sure are. In April 2013 Joe Vinson presented his latest research concerning the potential of green coffee beans as a weapon against obesity and type 2 diabetes at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. And of course more research will take place the years to come, in order to discover the full potential of this great natural supplement.

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