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Losing weight is one of the most common struggles of men and women today. A lot of people subscribe to various weight loss diets and techniques. One of the methods used in losing weight through the diet is the type of hormone called HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. What is the HCG Diet? 

This hormone affects the means of our body in regulating and utilizing stored fat. This is the reason why it is an effective supplement for allowing greater loss in weight and burning fat. This can be taken in orally or through injection.

According to HCG diet experts, dieters need to eat 500 calories a day so a daily HCG injection could be administered. A strict daily diet should also be followed.

The HCG Diet Plan and Food List

For breakfast, one can only drink tea or coffee at any quantity with only a tablespoon of milk.

For lunch or dinner, only 100 grams of lean meat is allowed, single type of non-starchy vegetable, a bread stick and a small fruit. No snacks are allowed when undergoing HCG diet.

Here is a summary of foods which are allowed for the diet. No deviations or switches for the food items can be made throughout the day is allowed.

Acceptable drinks include coffee, tea, coffee, plain or mineral water and lemon juice daily. Drinks must be free of sugar. Sugar substitutes are allowed. You may consume the desired amount of these drinks. You are encouraged to have at least two liters of water daily.

For the meats and proteins allowed in the HCG diet, they are as follows: crab, lobster, fresh white fishm shrimp, beef, veal, chicken breast and crab. Fats on the meat should be cut off and the chicke breast must be taken off the bone. Absolutely no tuna, salmon, eel, herring or pickled fish is allowed.

Spinach, chicory, chard, beet-greens, tomatoes, green salad, fennel, celery, onions, cucumbers, cabbage, asparagus and red radishes are the only vegetables allowed for the HCG diet.

You can try orange, apples, half of grapefruit and strawberries for fruits.

How Does HCG Diet Work?

When HCG is used as a supplement, they are introduced into the body by small amounts. This then results to response that shifts the way the body processes the stored fat. In their first week of use, a lot of people subjecting themselves in HCG diet had already lost around 10 to 15 pounds.

For maximum effect of the HCG diet, low-calorie diet should be added to the supplements. When calories are lessened, the body metabolism naturally slows down as a reaction. When doing so, HCG hormones aid in burning of the fat in our body at a quicker rate. Most of the safety proponents of HCG usage in losing weight had already stood still about their findings that HCG is safe.

In pregnant women, HCG levels are normally very high, without health effects. Though a lot of people have already proven the HCG diet effective upon trial, HCG diet effects to controlling weight is still under study.

When it comes to drug interactions, there is no known or reported case of adverse reactions with common medications related to HCG diet. But, before taking in these supplements, one must still go to a physician first for consultation as it is still being studied and so as to prevent perceived interaction issues with the supplement.

How Does HCG Diet Work

Effects of HCG Diet

Calorie restriction and HCG injections are said to affect our body tremendously, eliminating fat from hips, shoulders, thighs, upper arms and buttocks. This enable people who uses it to target the areas which need improvement while having to lose weight quickly.

The HCG diet lasts until the person reaches his goal for losing weight. On the average, most people who undergo the HCG diet are satisfied with their weight loss after two or three months. Strict dietary restrictions is the main hindrance in staying faithful to the diet.

Some of the unconfirmed side effects of the HCG diet are stomach discomfort, headache, bloating and irritability. It can also cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) in some cases, this can cause largening of the ovaries and cause symptoms which are similar to pregnancy, thus, abdominal distention, vomiting and weight gain are possible side effects that are associated with HCG diet, which can result to OHSS.

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