Tips on How to Increase Metabolic Rate

One’s metabolism is the key to paving the way to a healthier and fit body. The rate of your metabolism basically determines how your body burns the fat in your body.

How to Increase your Metabolic Rate

Boosting your metabolism is extremely essential in any weight loss program. However, how do you succeed in this endeavor? Is there really a way to tweak the regular metabolic rate of the body in order for it to become faster? Yes! There are a lot of ways to rev it up.

These tips are the best ways and the fastest ways, as well, on how you can speed up your metabolism.

9 Tips to Increase Metabolic Rate:

Tip 1: Build Muscle

You have probably considered going to the gym and hitting the treadmill and other cardiovascular equipment. However, have you considered going to the section in the gym where there are weights? If you haven’t, you need to start today or as soon as possible.

Building muscle is vital when you want to really rev up your metabolism. The logic behind this is simple. Every pound of fat in your body burns 2 calories a day while every muscle in your body burns 6 calories a day.

If you can little by little convert the fat into muscle, your body will be burning more calories without even doing anything because it is composed of more muscle than fat.

Tip 2: High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training has been a big craze among health and fitness enthusiasts from all parts of the world over the past few years.

There are many various kings of high intensity interval training. They also vary in duration. No matter how long you work out, the equation remains the same, the longer you work out, the more fat you burn.

The good thing about high intensity interval training is that you get to burst out energy in small sprits. This will boost your metabolism even after the work out is over. Moreover, the intensity is so high that you get to build muscle during the process as well.

Tip 3: Water!

Water is one of the best natural resources mother earth has provided for everyone. It is just but right that you utilize it the best way you can. Your body needs a lot of water to be able to perform basic body processes such as metabolism. The more water you consume, the faster your metabolism will be.

Eight glasses is not enough if you really want to shed those extra pounds. Keep a relatively large water bottle near you or in your work station so that you can drink water every now and then. In addition to this, this will aid in making you feel full.

The same is true with the food and drinks you consume. Eat fruits and vegetables and consume green coffee beans extract as this is the most natural way you can rev up your metabolism while detoxifying your body.

Tip 4: Small Portioned Meals

Give up your daily routine of heavy breakfast, heavy lunch and heavy dinner. It is smarter to snack every now and then in small pieces rather than eating at one time in the day and fueling up!

Once in a while feed yourself with a piece of fruit, crackers or a slice of cheese. This will provide the energy you need for the day without having to feel so full and bloated.

Make sure you do this every 3 to 4 hours. Just snack regularly and smartly and your metabolism will be up the whole day as well. If you have long intervals in between your meals, your body will slow down its metabolism gradually.

Tip 5: Spice It Up!

Not so many people know this but eating food that is spicy aids in kicking your metabolism to the roof. Sliced green or chili pepper mixed with your salad or other meals will indeed help in making your body burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

Moreover, this will add a little mix to your diet so it won’t be that boring.

Tip 6: Protein

Incorporate lean and healthy protein in your meals. Protein is needed to burn the other types of food that you consume such as fat and carbohydrates. Be very keen however on how the protein you are going to eat is prepared. First of all, stay away from fried protein. Don’t add too much flavoring and sodium.

There are many healthy sources. Go for fish, turkey, lean beef, boiled egg white, nuts, tofu and the like. All of these will make you full right away without craving for more food.

Tip 7: Don’t Crash Diet

Crash diets are the last resort for people who need to lose weight. This will make you lose weight for now. Eventually, it will make you gain weight than you started because it will slow down your metabolism. So, when you start eating again, your body will be very slow in burning the calories you consume.

If you must diet, diet smartly. Don’t just suddenly stop eating. This is a big mistake and many people have rebounded back to their old weight and some, unfortunately, gained even more after their diet.

Tip 8: Stay Active

Living a sedentary lifestyle is a big culprit! If you can, stay active. Just keep on working out. Set out a schedule where you can focus on working out each day. Skip your evening TV routine and go outside with the family dog and jog instead.

During weekends, make sure that you stay active as well. Never go 2 consecutive days without working out.

Tip 9: Get Enough Sleep

If you do not need to stay up late, do not do so. Give yourself ample amount of time to rest. If you don’t, your metabolism will slow down. Getting enough sleep is essential to ensure that your metabolism will be fast for the whole day.

The 9 tips mentioned above are very easy to commit to. You don’t need to totally change your lifestyle. You will just need a little bit more discipline to make sure that they are followed and maintained.

If you are able to, expect that you will be able to wear a bikini more confidently and you will be living a higher quality lifestyle! If you are interested in more scientific knowledge about your metabolic rate feel free to read this article from

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