EvoShake Review: Replace Up To 2 Meals Per Day

Strengthened with vitamins and minerals, Evolution Slimming’s EvoShake is a hassle-free and tasty replacement for a meal that can be used to substitute one or two meals as part of your diet plan.

  • Only 222 calories per serving and fabulous tasting
  • Fortified with Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, CD3 and E
  • Contains green coffee bean extract, acai berry and whey protein to boost weight loss
  • Replaces up to two meals per day
  • Best when use in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise regime
  • Manufactured in a GMP & FDA approved facility

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A conscious decision to lose weight can be a difficult undertaking, as you try to fit a new diet and exercise program into your already busy life. But your weight has steadily been increasing, and you realize that it’s now or never, to lose those extra pounds you put on over the years.

Perhaps you’re hoping to go for a promo at work, or you’re attending your big high school reunion. Perhaps you have an eye on someone, but are embarrassed about your physique. Now is the time to get fit, and you need all the help you can get.

EvoShake Meal Replacement will give you that boost you need, so you can get started losing weight quickly.

Guaranteed, EvoShake will be the best tasting male replacement shake you have ever tried. Forget the lumpy, gloopy and bland meal replacements shake of the past, this product is a delicious, creamy, easy to mix shake as well.

Why do We Recommend This Meal Replacement Shake?

EvoShake Meal Replacement Shake provides nutrition in a delicious milkshake and helps you to lose weight, through a variety of different ways. EvoShake contains acai berry, green coffee bean extract, and whey.

Acai berry and coffee bean extract are known fat burners that work by helping increase your metabolism, so more fat is burned up, as you consume it. Whey is a great source of protein, without having to eat a lot of fatty meals. Your energy levels will get a boost, so you can make it to the next meal.

Meal replacement plans often taste disgusting. There’s no need to eat bars or prepackaged food, with these meal replacement shakes. They are guaranteed to taste delicious, so you can easily swallow them.

The EvoShake doesn’t taste like other unappetizing shakes, so if you’ve given up on the others, give this one a try.

EvoShake comes in three delicious flavors, so you can drink these on their own, without having to add in fruit. It comes in Chocolate Delight, Delicious Vanilla, and Strawberry Sensation.

EvoShake is great when you’re on a weight loss program, but may find yourself too busy to prepare yourself a healthy meal over the course of a day. You don’t want to stop at the local fast food outlet for a fatty, sugary meal.

EvoShake is a great way to quickly prepare a delicious meal replacement shake, or a fast meal on the go. It can replace up to two meals per day.

I’ve replacing my breakfast and dinner with it. It gives me energy all-day and still have that spirit to exercise in the evening. Carl Lawland – Gym instructor

I have cut down to replacing one meal a day that is good for maintaining the weight I have lost last summer. Now, My sister is following my recommendation and she is very happy with her results. Amanda

Each shake is 222 calories per serving, and provides a delicious way to supplement your meal replacement plan. It’s easy to take. You add one scoop of the powder to 200 milliliters of cold skimmed milk, and mix. You can use a blender or shaker to make the drink fluffier.

Each tub of EvoShake contains enough to make twelve servings, with included scoop.

Evoshake contains a ton of vitamins, to provide your body with all its needs, from A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, and E. EvoShake is gluten-free and is suitable for vegetarians, as it contains no meat products. You can safely have a meal replacement shake, without having to worry that you’re not obtaining all the nutrients that you’d get from a regular meal.

The EvoShake meal replacement plan makes meals easier, with their delicious range of three different flavors, all designed to provide the vitamins and minerals to keep your body fueled. They taste almost as delicious as a real milkshake, and will help guide your weight loss onto a successful path.

Recommended Meal Replacement Shake
  • Effectivity
  • Taste
  • Mixability
  • Ingredient & Safety
  • Price


With only 222 calories per serving and fabulous tasting, EvoShake will give you the boost that you need to keep your diet plan on track. Easily mixable with a shaker. In fact, with spoon it’s just fine. Recommended meal replacement shake for weight management.

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