When Raspberry Ketone & Green Coffee Combined; Ketone Balance Duo

Recently, raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract have been taking the world by storm. Separately these natural diet pills have helped lots of people achieve their target weight. Can you imagine the weight loss results if these two strong natural ingredients are combined to create a revolutionary weight loss supplement?

Ketone Balance Duo reviewSince it was introduced by the Evolution Slimming, Ketone Balance Duo has become one of the most popular diet pills. It is not the strongest diet pills in the market, but have you ever heard, even the strongest do not always works with everyone?

This is where this product has attracted people.

Ketone Balance Duo has far above-average success rate when compared with common over-the-counter diet pills (in terms of shedding weight per person).

Its success secret is the advanced formula;  the strength of two effective supplements combination: raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract in one diet pill.

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An Introducing to Ketone Balance Duo

Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult. You should have already developed a good routine for daily exercise, and eating healthy for three meals a day.

Most people can benefit from a daily fat burner supplement, to help them burn fat faster. It can also be particularly important if you have a specific goal in mind such as a special event or a holiday party. No matter what you do, you can’t lose weight fast enough.

You can get two fat burners in one with the Ketone Balance Duo; raspberry ketone and green coffee weight loss capsule, as well as an antioxidant that will help increase your metabolism.

Sometimes it can be hard finding a reliable fat burning pill. There are some questionable prescriptions you can get from your physician, but they seem to force starvation, rather than providing a safe healthy way to lose weight. There’s also the caffeine supplements, but you don’t want to lie awake all night.

Two Main Ingredients: Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean Extract

What’s so great about Ketone Balance Duo is that its ingredients come from nature, so you can’t go wrong. These ingredients are obtained naturally from plants, so you can be assured that you’re taking a safe diet pill.

Ketone Balance Duo is a strength formula, designed for weight loss. It’s formulated for men and women and contains two powerful fat burning ingredients. Both these ingredients are made naturally from nature, and shouldn’t give you any nasty side effects, that chemical-based weight loss products can cause.

Often weight loss pills only contain one active ingredient, so you’re never really sure if they’ll work around a bunch of fillers. But Ketone Balance Duo is made from quality ingredients, and is filled with not one, but three different types of weight loss tools for you. Raspberry ketone, green coffee extract, and green tea extract all work together to provide a strong-performing fat burning pill.

Ketone Balance Duo is made from raspberry ketones which work by breaking down the fat and allowing the body to burn it more quickly. While you shouldn’t be eating more fat than normal, Ketone Balance will help break down the low fat that you are still eating.

Along with raspberry ketones, the main ingredient of Ketone Balance is green coffee bean extract.  The green coffee extract within Ketone Balance Duo is unroasted, which means that it’s still high in chlorogenic acid. Its believed that you can lose up to 30% of your body fat, if you consume a certain amount of green coffee bean extract daily.

As addition to two main ingredients, Ketone Balance duo also includes green tea extract and guarana extract. Studies have shown that green tea can increase the metabolism, resulting in your body burning more fat and increasing energy levels, so you burn calories more quickly.

The next ingredient is guarana extract, a small bean that is commonly found at the Amazon Jungle in South America. Research and studies have shown it can help to suppress the appetite and also increases the metabolism.

Other ingredients found in Ketone Balance Duo include Chromium Picolinate, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and Vitamin B12.


Ketone Balance Duo is easy to take. Have one capsule in the morning with your breakfast, and a second capsule with your lunch. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during the day.

Sometimes vegans and vegetarians have problems finding suitable weight loss products on the market, as the capsules often contain glycerin or gelatin. Ketone Balance Duo is made from vegetarian glycerin.

Raspberry ketone is a well known weight loss aid that can break down fat molecules, allowing your body to digest them more quickly. Green tea and green coffee extract also work by breaking down fat.

These three ingredients all work together to provide an effective and safe supplement to your weight loss program, and can also be taken by vegans and vegetarians who wish to avoid animal-based dietary supplements.

Ketone Balance Duo
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  • Safety
  • Ingredients


Raspberry Ketones are widely-used because of its reputable ability at burning fat and assisting weight loss. Ketone Balance Duo also utilizes the green coffee extract to increases the metabolism but does not cause the jittering that many people experience with caffeine. Not only that, It also comes also reinforced by two other powerful ingredients, green tea extract for anti-oxidant and guarana extract to suppress the appetite and also boosts the metabolism.

Even so, we recommend this product for people who are regularly active or exercising.

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