Self-Hypnosis to Lose Weight

Self Hypnosis to Lose Weight

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you are not alone. Sadly, you can find people throughout time who were trying to alter their bodies. You feel like you’ve tried it all? Feeling discouraged? Have you tried self-hypnosis for weight loss? It’s not a tactic that will work for everyone. But it certainly worth a shot because you could be one of the people for whom this is the path to weight loss.

If you’re feeling like your interest is sparked, then let’s take a look at how this self-hypnosis thing works to help folks lose weight.

Advantage: no special equipment to buy

You will not even be out the cost of a hypnotist. You won’t need her because you are doing it yourself! All you have to have is faith. If you believe, then you can make this work.

That being said, some people do feel comfortable trying a hypnotist for the first time because they want to get a better feel for what hypnosis is all about and how it works.

Diet and exercise are a key part of weight loss. Sometimes it’s worth the effort and expense to see a nutritionist and a doctor, who can help guide you toward healthier eating and living. If you do these things and self-hypnotize, you will be smaller before you know it.

Advantage: Self-hypnosis is not new, but it is a legitimate self-help method

People have used hypnosis to do all sorts of things. It can help people stop bad habits like smoking, and even remember things they couldn’t recall before. Still, many are dubious, but those who have used it sing its praises. The facts don’t lie: self-hypnosis has helped thousands of folks just like you drop pounds.

The precise way it works, no one knows. But if you ask anyone who has self-hypnotized for weight loss, then you are likely talking to someone who finally found an answer for themselves after nothing else worked. Those stories are very common.

Disadvantage: Hypnosis is not a proven science.

There are no studies which can reliably show a perfect connection between losing weight and hypnosis. Many doctors think it is all the placebo effect, much like the ones we see in medical trials. In other words, it is not so much the hypnosis itself. It is the belief in its results that will bring the desired outcome.

But the bottom line is that thousands of people will tell you that self-hypnosis causes them to lose weight. It was the only thing that finally worked for them after they had tried everything else. For these people, it doesn’t matter how it works. It only matters that it did work.

This is the same principle we see at work in the Law of Attraction, which is also known as the Secret. Basically, the foundation is that if you believe something is real, then it will physically manifest itself as real. So, if you believe that you will one day be rich beyond your dreams, then you will begin making smart investments, which will, in turn, make you wealthy.

Thus, if you believe that you will lose weight, then you will begin to make better food and exercise choices. This will, in turn, cause you to experience weight loss.

Disadvantage: This doesn’t have a 100% success rate.

Some people cannot be hypnotized. If you are trying to hypnotize yourself and you just can’t, then work on relaxing and try some visualization exercises. You may try yoga, which has a lot of visualization training. Control your breathe, empty your mind, and then wholly concentrate on a single goal. If you can do that, then before long you will hypnotize yourself.

If you want to try this method, then check out your book store or your library. There is sure to be a detailed guide on this process and how to achieve self-hypnosis.

If you have tried it all with no success, then this just might be your ticket to a smaller you. Worst case scenario: it doesn’t work and you have lost nothing. But it could work for you!

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