Sleep and Weight Loss

sleep and weight loss

Being overweight affects many things, confidence and health are major issues for people with excess weight. Quality of sleep is important part that can support your weight loss plan.

The following are foods and beverages should be avoided before sleep so that we get the maximum weight loss:

  1. Avoid emotional eating – Nighttime is a difficult time for people who want to lose weight, because the activity has ended and prone to boredom. But you should not vent their boredom or stress eating for pleasure or comfort. Andrea Wenger-Hess, a nutritionist from the University of Maryland Medical Center says that emotional eating is a major factor in weight gain. To fix switch to other activities such as reading a book or soak in warm water to get rid of stress.
  2. Consume low calorie meals – Although it must be careful, but that does not mean not eating at all before bedtime. Choose healthy foods low in calories to maintain metabolic processes and avoid waking up at night due to hunger. Experts recommend a combination of protein and complex carbohydrates such as a bowl of wheat cereal with low fat milk or fruit with cheese. And avoid heavy meals or highly spiced as it makes people difficult to sleep.
  3. Avoid foods that contain too much fat – Foods that contain a lot longer to digest fat and it will make you more difficult to sleep.
  4. Do not drink beverages that may prevent you to sleep – Drink that lowers the quality of your sleep as beverages containing caffeine and alcohol.

Other tips for better sleep and weight loss

Sleep are known can help you lose weight. We need quality sleep to obtain the maximum metabolism rate, addition to maintaining the foods and beverages before bed, the tips below may help you

  1. Stretching – Stretching before bed can make the muscles relax and facilitate the blood circulation. Perform the movements according to your comfort, you can try basic pose of yoga.
  2. Reduced light – Dark and quiet is the key to getting a deep sleep so that the balance of hormones in the body is awake and help you lose weight. For that use lights with low wattage and avoid exposure to light from outside. Also reduce exposure from bright light screen like laptops, cellphone, tablet PC or television.
  3. Keep the room temperature stays cool and comfortable – Most people sleep with a room temperature of about 18′C or 65′F. The too hot or too cold room temperature can disturb your sleep. Good ventilation also affect the quality of your sleep.

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