The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

We often hear about super foods – foods that are supposedly so good for us that they can change our lives if we eat enough of them. Coconut oil has been the focus of much of this hype lately.

When it comes to coconut oil, what should we believe? Is incorporating it into our diets really all its cracked up to be? In short, the answer is yes. Coconut oil is really good for you!

First of all, coconut oil contains a unique combination of medicinal properties, nutrition, and fatty acids. This is why it is so good for you and can accomplish so many things. The fatty acids within coconut oil are actually known as medium chain fatty triglycerides. Because they aren’t as long as other fatty acids, they are metabolised differently in the body and can be used as a quick source of energy.

Coconut oil might really be one of those rare super foods we should all be eating. Here are some reasons why you should consider eating coconut oil:

  • It helps control weight. According to several studies, coconut oil has been linked to weight loss, particularly in the belly area. This could be because it is very easy to digest and also helps protect the body from insulin resistance.
  • It eases digestion. Coconut oil is great for anyone suffering from digestive issues, a sensitive stomach, or even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The fatty acids within the oil have a soothing effect on candida, bacteria, and gastrointestinal parasites.
  • It controls hunger. Eating coconut oil can help curb cravings, which goes along with the weight control benefit mentioned earlier. When coconut oil is metabolised within the body, it releases ketone bodies, which are known to reduce appetite.
  • It can help manage diabetes. Although coconut oil cannot replace diabetes medication, it has been linked to effective management of the disease because it helps protect against insulin resistance. This means it could very well reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • It fights infection. Thanks to its high amount of lauric acid, coconut oil helps to fight infection from fungi, viruses, and bacteria. When lauric acid is metabolised, it forms a monoglyceride called monolaurin, which has been shown to kill a variety of pathogens.

Coconut oil certainly meets the criteria for being a super food. Although this list is by no means comprehensive, we hope that it has given you a glimpse of all the health benefits that coconut oil has to offer.

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