The Quality of HCG Weight Loss Supplements


The process of choosing the best weight loss supplement has become a daunting task for most of the people. Different manufacturers have come up with wide varieties of supplements and identifying the superior products from the sub standard ones will have to be done with great amount of vigilance and care. Unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercises have contributed tremendously towards making people obese. The modern day living does not allow a person to buy time to go to a fitness center and the habit of having junk foods has made matters even worse. That is where the relevance of HCG weight loss supplements comes in. 

Shedding weight without compromising on the favorite dishes can be a real delight for an obese person. Most of the weight loss programs and supplements will compel you to have a strict diet leading to starvation and it will also advocate strict adherence to monotonous and boring exercises. It will make the whole process tedious and uninteresting. HCG weight loss supplements will offer you a totally different experience.

Types of HCG Weight Loss Supplements

HCG weight loss supplements in the form of drops, injections, sprays and pills have been making waves for quite some time and a huge number of people have benefited from the tremendous advantages of these HCG supplements.

Taking HCG diet plan

When taking HCG weight loss supplements fruits like orange, strawberries, grapes and apple can be included in the menu.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a peptide hormone and it can be found in the body of a woman during the pregnancy period. Since this amino acid-rich glycoprotein is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body the unnecessary risk of having a supplement with serious health complications can be averted. A well known British endocrinologist Dr ATW Simeons discovered that this hormone can be effectively utilized to curb the food cravings of the human beings. HCG weight loss supplements can be taken under the supervision of a medical practitioner and you can expect a weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per day. But today, there are also the safer HCG drops alternatives.

You have to follow HCG diet plan during the period of using supplements. The HCG diet recipes will allow you to have all the favorite dishes and the only constraint is that the total calorie intake should not exceed 500 calories per day. That will not be a problem for you because HCG supplements will help you to have firm control over the food cravings. Hypothalamus controls the body fat and emotions and it gets stimulated with the usage of HCG supplements. That will result in the reduced food cravings and it will also communicate with the body to release the abnormal fat cells. Heavy exercises should be avoided to prevent unwanted physical fatigue during this period.

HCG drops are being taken under the tongue and the injection will be taken under the skin or muscle. The pills are swallowed with water and the spray is taken in the mouth. The standard HCG weight loss program will last for 43 days and the dieting will be extended for some more days to ensure the complete removal of the HCG. The usage of HCG weight loss supplements consists of three phases and they include loading, maintenance and stabilization stages. There will not be any food control as far as the first two days are concerned because the process of kick starting the metabolism will be achieved during this period.

Tips When Taking HCG Weight Loss Supplements

You will have to drink at least two liters of water daily to achieve the desired results. All your favorite dishes like chicken, white fish, lobster, Turkey and beef can be included in the menu and the important thing is that you should select only one of these items during lunch and dinner. The quantity should be within the range of 100 grams to make sure proper calorie intake. The same rule can be applied in the case of vegetables as well. Fruits like orange, strawberries, grapes and apple can be included in the menu and the daily consumption of 1 glass lemon juice is also allowed.

When you are using HCG weight loss supplements the breakfast should be confined to coffee or tea with a limited dosage of sugar and milk. The HCG diet direct recipe guide designed by Dr ATW Simeons will give you all the required details about the diet plan. The real merit of any weight loss supplement will be clearly reflected in the opinions of the existing customers. HCG weight loss supplements offer a weight loss plan without compromising on your favorite dishes and the increasing positive responses of the existing customers reassert this fact time and again.

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