Things to Expect on the HCG Protocol

It is great that you are looking for a real cure to your weight issues! The HCG diet or HCG Protocol is not just another fad diet designed to separate you from your money.

HCG Protocol Success

Please note that this cure is the most powerful, fastest, and effective way to lose body fat, lose inches, re-shape and re-sculpt your body and completely correct the condition of obesity.

When you do the weight loss cure protocol, some amazing things can happen to you. You can lose fat, pounds, and inches faster and easier than ever before. Imagine losing over a pound per day starting from the very first day.

The best part is once the protocol is over you can once again eat normally. Why, because HCG protocol addresses the very root problem of obesity, it resets the Hypothalamus Gland found deep inside your brain, raises your metabolism and eliminates hunger!

Things to Expect HCG Protocol

You will find this Protocol so different from any diet program you have seen or used, I felt I would give you some insight as to what to expect.

  • Expect to lose a pound or 2 a day.
  • The protocol is NOT dependent on exercise to lose the weight, but exercise is still great for your overall health.
  • Find a source of Melba Toast or Grissini Bread Sticks. They can be hard to find.
  • You must eat to capacity all day long for 2 days before starting the diet. We know this goes against anything you ever heard of on a diet, but remember, this is not a diet, it is a cure for Obesity. Eat the fattiest foods you can, like bacon, mayonnaise, butter, biscuits and gray and any other high fat foods. Why? Because once you start the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) it takes a few days for the HCG to start moving your fat into your system. Meanwhile you are using the stored fat you just ate. Please eat a lot! This helps eliminate or reduce hunger and headaches.
  • A few people get a little hungry for the first few days of the VLCD if they did not eat enough before they start.
  • A few people experience Headaches around days 3-5 of the VLCD mostly because they did not eat enough before they start or are not drinking enough. There is also the huge change in diet and the headache is just a reaction to that. An aspirin usually helps if needed, but they almost always go away on their own. Drink lots of water.
  • Have your coffee or tea ready the night before, so when you get up in the morning just turn it on. That way it will be ready as soon as possible.
  • You are drinking a lot of water, tea and coffee, so guess what, you are going to urinate a lot.
  • You are eating a little so guess what, you will have fewer and fewer stools.
  • Your clothes will start getting loose and belts will quickly become too big. So start saving money for the new wardrobe.
  • Diabetics can expect a huge drop in Blood Sugar levels. *Mine went from 250mg with meds to 110mg without meds in 3 weeks. It also stabilized at around 105mg average. Not bad for a 10 year type 2 diabetic who’s H1c tests were 7.2, taking 4 different drugs for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I no longer take any prescription drugs, and my blood work has never been better.
  • A few people experience slightly blurry vision while on the protocol but from what I have heard, the few that it has affected have all cleared up after the protocol ended.
  • Your rings (finger, toes, etc.) will get loose and you may want to remove them and wait until you have reached your goal weight before having them resized.
  • Your energy level will go up. It becomes easier to get up in the mornings.
  • Expect your blood pressure to drop to normal levels.
  • Expect better check-ups at your next Doctor’s visit.

These experiences are personal experiences by myself and others I found on the Web. We are not making any medical claims, just observations and relaying these observations. – Bob Robeson

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