Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Probably you have weight issues then when you’re about to get your weight under control, there comes a holiday!

prevent-holiday-weight-gainDelicious foods are everywhere and everybody else is having fun. Calories are lurking around each and every corner. You should attend those parties and office gatherings to share great festive season with family, colleagues, and friends.

Apart from the holiday emotions, you’ll want to eat, eat and eat. Holidays are associated with special foods along with a busy social timetable. Most people tend to overindulge in alcohol deserts and all sorts of food.

But time comes when you need to return to your normal routine and body of course. You desperately want your pre-holiday figure back.

Do not worry, here are some tips to avoid holiday weight gain:

7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain:

#1 Do not Arrive Famished

When you were little, anytime you probably heard that there would be a party, you would skip a meal in order to ‘create space’ for the sumptuous meals ahead. It would work for you since you were young and active. You would easily lose the mountain of calories added in a matter of days.

However, for adults, if they arrive at the party hungry, they are always craving for hors d’oeuvres. They will then overindulge in eating anything, anytime. To prevent this before setting foot to the party, at least eat a healthy snack especially if you are hungry.

#2 Focus on Socialization

Stay away from the food table as much as you can during the party. You would rather spend your energy on making conversations with your friends. How much calories will you put on when in a conversation? In fact, a healthy conversation with close relatives will make you happier and healthier.

#3 Take Count

Anytime you eat, do it with moderation. Of course, you cannot possibly avoid the decadent buffet. It is always good to keep track of what you have eaten. It is very easy to down a mountain of the delectable horderves mindlessly. Stay conscientious and keep count. Above all, take advantage of the healthy options the buffet is offering. Not only will you prevent bloating, but also weight gain.

#4 Return to Your Exercise Schedule

Generally, you need 35 to 50 minutes of exercise daily if you really want to lose weight. If you find 35 too much, then do not strain your body. Do all you can the attempt increasing the duration by 10 per cent on a weekly basis till you meet the recommended requirements. All exercises that get your heart rate up will help you burn calories and thus meet your goals.

#5 Strength Training

Consistency in strength training will increase your muscle mass hence an increase in metabolism. That is why you should include it in your routine. With increased metabolism, your body will keep on burning more fat even while at rest leading to weight loss. In fact, it is essential since it helps in the maintenance of body weight. To get started after the holiday, you can opt for pull ups, pushups, lunges, squats as well as crunches.

#6 Go Back to Your Normal Diet

Forget about the irresistible food you have been having over the holiday and get back to a more nutritious diet you have always had. Focus especially on low fat and low sodium foods. Your diet should consist of mainly fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates as well as lean proteins. Avoid too much fat and sugar, usually in prepackaged items.

#7 Beverages High in Calories? Not Anymore

What makes the celebratory drinks and cocktails so sweet? It is the sugar and calories! These sugars and calories can easily pile up in your body. Most of these drinks are purely for refreshment and lack any significant nutritional value in your diet. Instead of these, take a lot of water regularly. It will further give you a feeling of satiation.

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