Vitamins for Weight Loss

Vitamins for Weight Loss

Vitamins are extremely important to good health. They not only supplement the nutritional needs with a balanced diet, but they also help increase metabolism and reduce fat for weight loss. Vitamins for weight loss provide you a natural way to lose weight.

How Vitamins Help Lose weight?

Vitamins help you in several ways to lose weight and keep healthy and fit. They melt the fat in your liver, which in turn helps unfreeze and release excess fat in the body.

They boost up your metabolism and improve the thyroid health to accelerate the burning of fat. Vitamins also reduce your hunger cravings for food and convert glucose in the body to energy.

Vitamins for Weight Loss:

Vitamin B

Vitamin B enhances the metabolism and also helps to convert metabolize protein as well as fat into energy. It is generally found naturally in various foods. Vitamin B can also be bundled with foods and supplements. It supports burning of fat. The following Vitamins in this group are important for controlling your weight:

Vitamin B2 : It is very effective in raising and keeping up the metabolic rate. Vitamin B2 is usually present in almonds, milk, hard cheese, eggs and liver.

Vitamin B3 : This speeds up burning of carbohydrates in the body. Brown rice, wheat bran, cheese, oats, dried fruit, eggs, liver, salmon, mackerel, tuna, chicken, turkey and meat are rich in Vitamin B3.

Vitamin B5 : It helps in efficient processing of fat in the body. Green vegetables, beans, wheat germ, barley, whole grain bread, nuts, poultry and liver are the main sources of Vitamin B5.

Vitamin B6 : This Vitamins regulate the creation of thyroid hormones and increases metabolism. Vitamin B6 is abundantly found in rice bran, whole grain products, fish, liver, beef and meats.

You should consume sufficient quantities of vitamins B2, B3, B5, and B6. These are crucial for managing your metabolism and keep the thyroid healthy.

Choline: It also belongs to the B complex family. It is significant for production of neurotransmitters in the body. It is mostly contained in peanuts, liver, beef, heart, soy lecithin, spinach, cauliflower and chicken. Choline also metabolizes the fat. If Choline level in the body is very low, the fat will get blocked in your liver.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C: It is a wonder vitamin in nature mostly present in citrus fruits like lemons and, oranges, strawberries, and kiwi fruits, black-currant, Brussels, sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and green peppers.

Vitamin C converts the glucose into energy and prevents it from being stored in the body. AKA asorbic acid works very effectively for weight reduction as it assists in burning calories and provides many additional health benefits. It also acts as an antioxidant.

People who consume a proper quantity of Vitamin C are able to burn over 30% extra fat when exercising. Vitamin C helps to burn the fat faster with additional activity or exercise.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D together with Calcium helps in insulin problems that cause fat accumulation in the body. Vitamin D locks the fat cells. Inadequate amounts of Vitamin D in the fat cells will make it difficult to regulate and keep fat cells under check.

Adding iodine to your diet along with vitamins can energize the thyroid and can improve a healthier and faster metabolism. Sea-Kelp is the best source of iodine.

You should also take Inositol. This vitamin acts actively with Inositol to metabolize body fat. The rich sources of Inositol are soy, nuts and eggs.

The multivitamins with minerals are the best weight loss supplements. In addition, some essential fatty acid supplements containing omega 3 as well as omega 6 are most helpful to lose weight.

Vitamins can help you to lose weight and keep fit, if you eat and exercise in a right way. Using vitamins with healthy habits will help metabolism, energy levels and make your systems immune.

Some people consume a lot of vitamins in order to lose weight and skip controlling the diet and exercising. This may actually increase the weight.

The high doses cannot work magic to shed off your weight. In certain cases, excess of vitamins may be harmful. If you have a thyroid problem, consult your doctor.

Taking Iodine can be actually harmful, if you are on thyroid medicine. It is always better to consult your physician.

These are the important vitamins for weight loss. If you combine their intake with sufficient activity and control your intake of calories , you can build an effective weight loss system.

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