Weight Loss Drinks List

Weight Loss Drinks

Actually it is easy to find weight loss drinks, in fact we can find them around us even every day we consume the weight loss drinks. If we drink them every why not slimming down? It is because it will not works if we don’t get them regularly and the intake of calories remains high. There is also because we still consume weight gain drinks.

The best weight loss drinks is natural drinks that are good for health. Consume them regularly will help your weight loss program.

So let’s begin to the weight loss drinks list:

1. Water

The minimum suggested water to be taken is 8 glasses each day. Keeping your body hydrate can have positive effect to body metabolism. Replacing soda with cool water will cut hundreds if calories intake. As weight loss drink, water also has benefits to reduce appetite by drinking 2 glasses before meals.

2. Vegetable Juice

Vegetables juice can be option for fruits juice as it has lower calories with all vitamins and minerals they contains. One cup of tomato juice only has 41 calories compared to orange juice which has 122 calories.

3. Smoothies

Delicious and rich of vitamins and minerals. Blend strawberries, blueberries and banana with low fat milk or skim milk are all you need. Homemade smoothie are the best since you can control the ingredients. Restaurant smoothies may added with honey, sugar, ice cream and other sweeteners that increase total calories intake.

4. Low fat milk

Calcium is one substance that are important in metabolism but there is little evidence to support calcium to burning fat. Eating calcium may good for body. To get the benefits of calcium without getting fat, switch to low fat yogurt, milk and cheese.

5. Black coffee

Black coffee without sugar rich in antioxidants. Some studies say that caffeine stimulate heart beats, improve mood and concentration. It also reduce the risk of several types of cancer and type 2 diabetes

6. Green tea

Green tea contain less caffeine than coffee however studies has shown that green tea has many benefits, one of them to lose weight. It is not clear exactly the way it can lose weight, micro nutrientss called catechins andcaffeinen may play the role.

Every one want to see fast result right? As said before to get the real result you have to modify the daily menu not only consume weight loss drinks and avoid weight gain drinks. It is also necessary to modify lifestyle. Wake up early, enough sleep, and exercise will boost metabolism rate and burn fat in your body.

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