What is Causing Your Weight Gain?

Did you ever wonder what causes weight gain? Believe it not, more than three hundred million people worldwide are considered to be overweight and obese.

In the United States alone, two thirds of the adult population are having problems with the readings on their weighing scales.

With increasing statistics of obesity, the vast numbers of complications such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and stroke become highly pronounced and statistically significant.

Causes of Weight Gain

Here is a list presented by the Weight Control Information Network about the possible causes of weight gain and obesity in the society:

Habits and practices

Binge eating and too much caloric intake in one sitting are some of the bad practices observed by so many in the society. In the ever-rising popularity of gadgets and technological advances such as the internet, the cellular phones and the television, more and more people began leading a couch potato lifestyle characterized by poor physical activity and sedentary behavior.

Too much caloric intake coupled with sedentary lifestyle causes a shift in the metabolism resulting in fat deposition and weight gain.

Familial tendency

Your genes play a big role in your tendency to gain weight.  You see, overweight and obesity really runs the the family.  Aside from the usual sharing of diet and having the same set of habits, family members do share the same set of genes which may affect their weight gain and make weight loss more difficult to achieve.

If you have a hard time getting rid of your excess fats like most of your siblings do, then blame it your genes.

Illnesses and metabolic problems

Illnesses such as polycystic ovary syndrome and hypothyroidism can affect the way you metabolize your fat stores. Depression can make you go into binge eating.

If you think you have some metabolic problems or depression, the best thing to do is to talk with your health care provider. This way, the root cause of your weight gain can be resolved.

Medicine intake

Some prescription medications may lead to weight gain. To be informed about the possible weight gain side effects of the medications you are currently taking, talk to your physician. Your doctor can surely help you out.

Your environment

Accept it or not, your environment, your peers and even the television programs may have a great effect to your weight gain or weight loss. Being exposed to too many food temptations can make a person crave and binge eat resulting to weight gain.

Having modern facilities such as escalators and elevators may make a person lead a sedentary lifestyle that is free from any regular physical activity.

Your emotional state

Many people just simply eat too much when they are bored, sad or stressed even when they are not really that hungry. Being conscious about this phenomenon can help you break away from this habit.

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