What is the Bland Diet?

For those who experience stomach upset and other digestive problems, the bland diet can be taken as effective solution.

bland diet

Is there any diet without pain? When deciding on diet, people usually find serious problem to lose weight. It is reasonable since not all people can decide menu and suitable exercise for the diet. Everyone has different body and needs.

What is the Bland Diet?

The bland diet commonly is a diet free from spicy foods, and consisting of many rice and potatoes. For those who have recently been identified as having dyspepsia, chronic gastritis, a peptic ulcer or maybe acid reflux disease, your doctor has probably suggested you to go on a bland food diet to assist get the gastrointestinal tract back into shape.

You need to write down the menu for effective diet or your diet will fail.

Important Factors to Determine Bland Diet Menu

There are some important things that you should understand before deciding on the menus. You should avoid greasy foods like fatty meats, deep fried foods, alcohol. Soft foods are recommended in bland diet.

It’s also recommended to ask the doctor before you can start your diet. Your doctor can help you choose the best food to make your diet effective.

Bland diet food list requires you to choose certain foods for daily consumption. Dairy products are good for your diet. These products are included in your bland diet food list. You can choose non fat milk, full-fat, or buttermilk.

All types of cheese are good for your diet. You just need to avoid ice creams since they contain too much fat for your body.

Nutrition is A Must for Diet

How about other nutrition for your bland diet food list? Protein is good for diet and muscle. There are many foods that can provide enough protein for your body. Soy products like tofu, soy yogurts, and soy milk are good sources of protein.

Fish or baked meats can provide protein. Nut butter is not recommended for this diet.

Fruits and vegetables make your life healthy. Cooked vegetables like carrots, peas, and squash can give you nutrition. Canned fruits are also allowed in this diet.

Bland diet food list still allows you to consume carbohydrate proportionally. Good carbohydrate is also good for your diet. Your body can still tolerate it.

White flour breads and pastas, low sugar cereals, oat meals, and potatoes are our recommendations.

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